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Open job vacancies:


Machines locksmith


Organizational unit: Technical sector
Number of systematization: IV/6

Required qualification: SSS, 3rd degree


Job description:


  • Cutting, bending, drilling and grinding of profiles, pipes and sheets;
  • Cutting of sheets by cutting sheets;
  • Manufacture and assembly of parts and steel structures;
  • Checking the correctness of machines, equipment and tools, their preparation for carrying out operations, managing and handling them;
  • Cleaning and maintenance of indebted tools and equipment;
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the workplace and working environment;
  • Compliance with regulations on quality and compliance with safety and health measures at work;
  • Performing other tasks on the orders of superiors.


Responsible to: general manager, director of technical sector, manager of locksmith production and warehouse operations


Manages following job roles: -


The employee is responsible for the realization of tasks within the competence of the workplace
An employee is authorized to make proposals for more efficient work
The employee is obliged to perform tasks on the basis of established obligations and instructions
Employees contact with other employees
Protective Means of Work under the Risk Assessment Act
Employment rights in accordance with the Labor Law and Safety and Health at Work Law.


Special notes: -